Vol. 1 No. 4 (2020): November

Thanks, to all authors / co-authors for their contribution to Point of  View Research Management (POVREMA), besides to editors and reviewers for their dedication. Point of  View Research Management (POVREMA). This November issues, we are present for our global readers; the final evaluated of scientific articles on management expertise several topics such as The Effect of Work Environment and Work Motivation on Employee Performance; Quality of service, Satisfaction and How its Effect on Customer Loyalty; Legal Protection for Unlabeled and Licensed Home Industry Consumers of Food and Beverage; The Role of Leadership Style and Work Discipline on Work Performance; The Effect of Education and Motivation on Work Performance: Empirical Study on Local Government Employee; The Effect of Marketing Mix (4P) on Buying Decision: Empirical Study on Brand of Samsung Smartphone Product; The Effect of Social Media Utilization, Campus Environment and Entrepreneurship Knowledge on Student Entrepreneurial Interest; Effect of Product Quality and Product Value on Customer Loyalty: Empirical Study on Seaweed SME

Published: 2020-10-09